The filter between you and Internet that makes already read news disappear

This is the app for you that is tired of reading yesterdays news!

You surf via a web server on your Android device, it removes already read news articles.

Google Play: NewsWasher

Click here to read: Presentation (PDF)

You load your favorite newspaper page in the web browser and clicks on the [Clean] button when you have read all interesting articles,
NewsWasher processes the page and displays a page without the old news.
Click on the [Reload] button to see newly published articles.

The example below is from a major swedish high quality newspaper.

Original newspaper page Page cleaned by NewsWasher Page reloaded one hour later

Scroll down to se how big
the original page is!

< < <

It's very easy to find newly published articles!

You can display the newspaper pages on your desktop computer by (this is the preferred solution if you have old hardware or a small display on your Android device):
  1. connecting your Android device to one of the following:
     a) your local network by enabling WiFi
     b) your computer (USB) and then use the tethering feature
  2. enter the server IP address and port number (displayed in the app) in your desktop computer web browser URL field

The app works and looks great on an Android tablet, but it was developed using an old smartphone (HTC Desire).

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